In the 1980s, the Dergue used to refer to the TPLF as bandits; however, the Ethiopian people in Tigray, referred to the TPLF as freedom fighters. The Dergue was too arrogant and stubborn to admit that Ethiopia had deep rooted social, political and economic problems that could only have beensolved through negotiations and political reform. Instead, the regime chose to use conflict to subjugate and terrorise the Ethiopian people into submission and the outcome was inevitable.

The conflict bred more conflict and the regime, which once boasted that it had the biggest and well equipped army in sub-Sahara Africa, miraculously collapsed and subsequently the TPLF got hold of power in 1991.

The table has turned round and history is repeating itself, this time, however, it is the TPLF regime calling other minority ethnic groups fighting the regime “terrorists”. Note the term “bandits” is no longer valid for this era and terrorism is the new terminology used to justify provocative military attacks against sovereign states.

The only terrorist organisation in the Horn of Africa that is terrorising people in their millions forcing them to flee from their villages to seek refuge elsewhere is the TPLF regime. It’s only a matter of time before the TPLF regime in spite of all the material and financial support it enjoys from the West is also replaced by another regime hopefully this time God willing, by one that will uphold international law and allow the rule of law to prevail over the rule of the jungle in Ethiopia. – Dan Eyob

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