According to sources, a pregnant mother, Birhane Mamo, who was heading to Dembi Dollo hospital for delivery was killed by armed policemen Yesterday.

Berhane Mamo was shot and killed by OPDO police forces in Dambi Dolo, south west Oromia.

A pregnant mother in labor and four members of her family including her husband were severely injured and hospitalized.

The pregnant mother was getting transported to hospital for delivery, bullets showered on her from Oromiya Special Force without any warning. She died on the scene. Three others in the car were seriously wounded.

The government hasn’t issued any official statement on this killing.

However, Dambi Dollo communication officer has published the information it gathered from eye witnesses. Accordingly, the women was  killed by Oromia Special Force while getting transported to hospital for delivery.

Dembi Dollo is a capital city of Qellem Wollega Zone, mostly known for its gold and busy cash-crop business including coffee Arabica. It was relatively peaceful and calm before the government sent heavily armed soldiers and special police forces last month in a move to curb the recent progress of Oromo Liberation Army in the area.

Nevertheless, Oromo Liberation Front has recently announced that it has temporarily ceased fire in order to sit down for peace deal with the government. It is unclear why the government still wanted to settle armed soldiers in a populated civilians city


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