The people of Raya have been fighting for self-preservation and an end to oppression at the hands of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since TPLF came to power. Raya, previously part of the Wollo Amhara Region, was forcefully annexed to the Tigray region and since this forced annexation, Rayas have been denied their identity: language, culture, and heritage.

In the past 4-months the people of Raya have been vocalizing their demand for autonomy from TPLF oppression by holding peaceful protests in Raya and Addis Ababa as they have done since the forced annexation. The response by the TPLF regime as always has been brutal: killing and arresting peaceful protesters. The tension between the people of Raya and TPLF had been increasing the last two weeks and was evident.

On October 21, 2018, TPLF security forces used live fire and killed at least 11, wounding at least 80 peaceful protesters, and arrested untold numbers in Alamata to crush the demand of Rayas. TPLF is sending additional special-forces to the area adding concern to more loss of life.

Amhara Association of America condemns in the strongest terms the killing of innocent Amharas by TPLF security forces and militias. The Ethiopian Government should not continue to allow TPLF security forces to kill, arrest, harass, and denigrate Amharas for demanding the right to preserve their identity.

Amhara Association of America calls on Prime Minister Abiy to protect Amharas in Raya from the unjustified killings, oppression, and subjugation. Prime Minister Abiy should order Federal Forces currently in the area where the violence is occurring to remove TPLF security forces and corrupt officials from this region and hold those responsible for the deaths of the innocent accountable.

Amhara Association of America calls on Prime Minister Abiy to allow the people of Raya to freely choose how they want to be governed so they can be free of TPLF oppression.

Amhara Association of America calls on all Amharas and Ethiopians to support and stand by the people of Raya as they peacefully demand for their rights and survival of their identity.


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