Be careful it’s a game orchestrated by the TPLF to put a wedge between the Muslims and the Christians in Ethiopia. A fool can only belief that the introduction of the  Ahbash inEthiopiawas not intentional. One wonders why this crystal clear game of the Woyane is not exposed to the public. Ethiopians should be careful of this new game.

When the TPLF junta sniffed that the opposition are working slowly but to mend their differences under the slogan – Bekka Enough – they started this new divide to rule game called Muslims Protest .. protesting not against the TPLF injustice and oppression but against the Virus (Ahbash) in which themselves introduced. The next step will be the TPLF introduction of –Al-Shabaab- type Ethiopians to kill many Christians and bomb some churches. So be aware of.

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