ONLF Communique

ONLF strongly Condmens the Massacre of  Somalis by Afar Militia on the Somali Afar border.

Afar state  militia killed 18 Somali civilians  in Setti Region of the Somali Regional state on 15 January, 2019. Twelve of the victims were killed in Danlahalay, Four in Adaynta and two were killed on the Addis – Djibouti Road.

In Sep 6, 2014, the three districts of Adaynta, Andhuufta and Garab-Isse were handed over to Afar Regional state for political reasons by the former regime, without  referendum as the law stipulated or the consent of the Somali inhabitants.  There had been tension s ever since without much violence. However, when the oppressive regime fell the Somali people in the area started demanding their rights.

Six weeks ago, Afar state Liyu-Hayle killed around 8 people in the disputed towns after the people demonstrated, complaining of  harassment and intimidation intended to force them out of their lands. 

Then,  a fact-finding mission composed of delegates from the Federal government and the two regional states  was set up and were sent to the disputed  Somali districts. This decision initiated this new round of violence and killings undertaken by both the Afar regional militia and afar organised mobs.

ONLF strongly condemns the Massacre of Somalis by Afar Militia on the Somali Afar Border and calls on all parties to desist from violence and resolve the conflict through negotiations and legal means.

Furthermore,  ONLF urges the Federal government to take decisive action by stopping  the aggression.

Finally,  ONLF calls for restraint from Somalis and urges them to exhaust all legal and traditional mechanisms to resolve the conflict. 

 ONLF Communique

January 16, 2019


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