Press Release by

The Ogaden national Liberation Front (ONLF)

15 May 2011

The Ogaden National Liberation Front condemns the cold-blooded and cowardly killing of Farhan Hamza in the Ogaden. ONLF firmly believes that the Ethiopian security forces perpetrated this act  by, taking cue from the recent irresponsible comment by the British Ambassador to Ethiopia, who stated his government will take action against ONLF if it gets evidence of ONLF ‘ terrorist acts’ in Ethiopia. Therefore, the Meles Gang being by nature callous, despicable, and daft wants to score political game by gambling with the lives of human beings.

The Ethiopian regime of Meles has deliberately held the Ogaden under siege and by fulfilling this act it intends to further exacerbating the already dire humanitarian situation in the Ogaden. The Ethiopian government had deliberately fulfilled genocide acts against the ogaden people that include economic and Aid embargo, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, barring of ICRC and other international NGOs that would not compromise their neutrality, and bullying of international agencies to submission.

Those inhumane and unlawful acts resulted in the death of thousands of the Ogaden Somalis, while tens of thousands languish in unlawful detention centres.

ONLF calls upon the international community to say enough is enough with the shenanigans of Meles regime and come to the rescue of the Ogaden and the Ethiopian people as it is doing in other parts of the world.



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  1. axmed says:

    good press release… meles was responsible this crime and is true when british ambasador commented wrongly that if there is evidence they can forbid onlf… ethiopia commited this crime to accuse onlf… that s very clear but no body or goverment can black list onlf. that ambasador was coward and idiot who think he can decide for ogadenia.

    ogaden peoples freedom is a must … no body or government can stop it.


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