People now-days say there is a peace in Ogaden territory, killing is over etc. The peace they telling me took my father’s life. What do I mean is that … “History is a nightmare which I am trying to wake from ”.

 The Peace Negotiations

My father negotiated with Ethiopians many times in different places. Couple of them are on record, Unfortunately, even though he was willing to have more, they say you never know when your  time’s up.

The first negotiation took place in Qabridaharre in 1995. After few days the so-called meeting become fruitless.   On 25 January 1995, the EPRDF government hastily arranged a meeting in the town ofQabridaharreto convince the ONLF to participate in the upcoming federal and regional elections. The meeting, which was chaired by the then president Meles Zenawi (the current prime minister), failed when each side refused to compromise”. The Ethiopian regime tried to kill my father at that time but local people refused that assassination to happen.

After three years, they invited my father again. He was wiling that something better will come out this peace negotiation. Hooyo (mother) says “Your father never refused any kind of peace talks which Ethiopians put forward”.

The second Negotiation  was about to happen out-side village called Gabagabo. Ethiopiawas never been honest to him.  In late 1998, the Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Front, held a series of secret negotiations in order to put an end to the long bloody war in the Ogaden. The negotiations collapsed, on 28th December 1998, when the Ethiopian delegation refused an ONLF proposal demanding the presence of a third party as a witness. After the breakdown of the negotiations, the Ethiopian government decided to murder the members of the ONLF delegation by laying an ambush for them.

While the unarmed members of the ONLF delegation were returning to their base, Ethiopian army units attacked them from an ambush. Two members of the delegation, Deeq Abdi Rasin (my father) and Timojilic (Author of jecliyaa dhanto- a Somali National Dance) were killed, and Sheikh Bashir Abdi Ibrahim was captured safe and sound. Sheikh Bashir, was transferred to Qabridaharre military barracks, and was put into a solitary confinement. And then was transferred to Harar secret detention, where he was tortured to death”.

From then onwards the peace ground become war zone. The Ogaden people fought for their land & rights bravely.  Finally, the killing of my father changed ONLF forever. ONLF will never accept to negotiate Ethiopians inside the Ogaden territory orEthiopia. And that reminds son of his father!

 The Present Fake Peace

 Those who fell for a fake peace often use same words such Ethiopiais building  roads and houses. What is the difference between the Peace that killed my father and this one?  What do you tell people like me who lost their beloved ones? Can we trust again Ethiopians,  since they deprived us of our loved ones through the treachery of  what they call Peace? Where were you all fake peace lovers when Ogaden brave men lost their life through this fake peace? Can houses or roads buy the price (the blood of my father) and the other thousands of fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who died for the liberation of Ogaden?

“Ma gablamin darwishkii genyadu madaalana” ( the Dervish has never lost,  and  The horse is not tired yet )

I have a dream -the dream that my dad used to dream!




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