Ogaden National Liberation
Front (ONLF)
የኦጋዴን ብሄራዊ ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር(ኦብነግ)

ONLF Executive committee extra-ordinary session
in Addis Ababa
August 4-6, 2021

The Executive committee of ONLF held an extraordinary session in Addis Ababa from August 4-6, 2021. The EC evaluated the achievements and challenges of the ONLF since December 2018, including the peace agreement between Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Furthermore, It assessed the current situation in Ethiopia, state of affairs of the Somali people in Ogaden (the Somali State) and the Horn of Africa.

The Executive committee
Hearing the reports presented by the chairman, the Bureaus of the party and the special committees, and deliberating on presented agenda, Evaluating the achievements and challenges of ONLF after the peace agreement, Appraising the peace agreement between Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Assessing the current situation in Ethiopia, state of affairs of the Somali people in the Somali State (Ogaden) and the Horn of Africa Reiterates and reaffirm ONLF strategic choices to pursue the rights of the Somali people through peaceful means despite the challenges it faces in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa Notes with appreciation the successful achievement of the ONLF and Somali people to establish peace and stable environment in the Somali state, where all stakeholders are reaping the fruits of the peace agreement, Notes with Concern that both the Federal government and the Somali State self-government did not fully fulfil the key terms of the agreement, including forming joint committee to address the root causes of the conflict, the rehabilitation of the combatants and the curtailment of the right for ONLF to pursue its political objectives through peaceful means according to agreement, despite ONLF’s full compliance to the term of the peace agreement. However, ONLF believes that the peace agreement was a positive milestone and will continue respecting it.

Noting further, that the Somali people were subjected to systemic political, economic, and human rights violations tantamount to genocide by successive the Ethiopian governments, in particular, EPRDF lead government that resulted in the degradation, underdevelopment and marginalisation of the Somali people in all aspects in the last three decades.

Appreciating the positive changes brought by the current government in ending the violations of the human rights of Somali people, releasing political prisoners and the rein of terror, although Somalis still wait for the restoration of their full measure of their self-rule.

Expecting that after the peace agreement that both the Ethiopian government and international community would initiate a comprehensive a peace-building programs to rebuild and rehabilitate the war-torn Somali community, expresses its concern of the deliberate ignoring of the pleas and call of ONLF to address the issue. Therefore, ONLF calls again for the concerned parties to redress those grievances.

Bearing in mind the political culture of Ethiopia of whereby difference are resolved through bloody violence, which resulted in a century of unceasing civil wars, Gravely concerned about the current deteriorating situation in Ethiopia due to wars and inter-ethnic conflicts.

Gravely apprehensive, about the Somali-Afar conflict and strongly condemns the massacre of civilians and the use of government forces in the conflict. ONLF, in particular, condemns the last massacre of Somali civilians sheltering in government premises in Sitti zone and calls for a fact-finding mission to investigation the crimes committed there.

Calls upon all parties involved in the current conflicts in Ethiopia to an immediate, unconditional ceasefire and accept to resolve the conflict through a mediation. Calls further, that the international community to offer its good offices to mediate between the warring parties in a genuinely neutral and impartial manner that would lead to cessation of hostilities and establish peace.

Calls further for an inclusive comprehensive dialogue attended by all nations and other stakeholders in order to resolve the perpetual conflicts that kept Ethiopia frozen in a culture of conflict and hegemonic rule. Such a resolution shall usher a new form of modern governance, a new era of peace, genuine democracy, respect of the rights of all nations and citizens Affirm, ONLF principled stance that all nations in Ethiopia have the right to self-determination and strongly devolved genuine self-governance.

Furthermore, the current gains was that was achieved through the blood and toil of all oppressed nations in Ethiopia and ONLF will continue defending those rights.

Moreover, ONLF reiterates it position that rights implies responsibilities and all self-ruling states shall protect and respect the rights of other minorities within their states Reaffirms further that the Somali people are key stakeholders in Ethiopia and will play a constructive and decisive role in shaping the future of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa Furthermore, ONLF calls the Somali people in Somalia to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner, stop the factional wars and rebuild their state After considering the current developments in Ethiopia and the situation in the Somali state (Ogaden), the Executive committee decides to:

  1. Strengthen the unity and performance of ONLF members and Supporters
  2. Organise with all relevant stakeholders in the Somali State a national consultative conference in order to establish a united, common Somali position and enhance their unity and preparedness
  3. Strengthen ONLF diplomatic and advocacy activities
  4. Take an active role in the political developments in Ethiopia
  5. Strife to initiate a process to resolve conflicts between the Somali people in the Somali state (Ogaden) and their neighbours
  6. Strengthen ONLF’s relations with all political parties and key civil societies in Ethiopia
    Finally, ONLF has a vision of a peaceful, developed Horn of Africa where all communities live in harmony and mutual synergic relationships that benefit all. Therefore, ONLF calls again for all parties to change the culture of hate and violence and develop a new paradigm of peaceful coexistence.

Unity, Perseverance, Self-reliance Victory
Issued by ONLF
For immediate release


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