Having known that Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) regime celebrates today of May 28, 2012 to its 22nd anniversary of ruling Ethiopia through patrimonial practice, we should analyze to where they are to take the over eighty millions population whom they managed to suppress or dominate up to date. Furthermore, we should enlighten to the roles played by western world in particular theU.S. as TPLF emerged to substitute the Marxist-Dergue regime of Mangistu Haile-Mariam. Before that, we are assessing the eventful year of 2011 and its effects on/aroundEthiopia in general or Ogaden in particular.

The year 2011 was and shall be a very memorable in years to come as mass revolts by Arab populations had unseated longtime regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and yet shaking Syria’s Bashar Assad. Though regimes are in a place inAlgeria,Morocco,Jordan,Kuwait,BahrainandSaudi Arabia, they also faced significant challenges from their respective populations, and they are in a position to address people’s demands as “change” becomes the only acceptable respond for the public.

In 2011,Middle Eastand North African countries were predominantly encountering mass-driven demands for political change while Western World was struggling to overcome confiscated financial crisis as a part of their challenges in the year such as “Occupy Movements” despite having majority-driven political courses. Correspondingly, the Horn ofAfricaor the immediate geopolitical surroundings of Ogaden were having their own share of the eventful year 2011 as significant political, judicial, humanitarian and even military decisions were made in the region.

Among events of the year are;

  • the South Sudan’s self-determination referendum of February 2011,
  • the Hague-based ICC Prosecutor’s announcement of the alleged most high profile perpetrators of Kenyan post-election-Violence,
  • the humanitarian crisis in Southern Somalia followed by the international community’s respond, and the subsequent military interventions,
  • And TPLF regime’s consolidation to power amid criminalizing opposition and journalism.

The South Sudan’s independence;

The decisions made by Southerners on July 9 of 2011 had ended Sudan’s longtime civil war, and at least shifted the animosity as hostile neighboring sovereign states. This should at least end Overseas Powers’ dependence to Ethiopia, because of their worry about the completion of the “2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)”, which ended Sudan’s civil war and paved the way for the freedom of South Sudan.

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