On the 7 May 2011, the Ethiopian Army in collaboration with local “special police” began carrying out a pogrom in the regions of Nogob (Fik) and Jarar (Degahbur) along the Fafan valley.

So far, the Ogaden National Liberation Front intelligence Unit had found out that more than one hundred people are either missing or found dead. The list of the names of victims found is attached. During one of these mass killings, ONLF believes that the WFP staff members stumbled upon the civilian massacre in progress and the Ethiopian Army eliminated them in order to silence them. ONLF is collecting evidence and will pass it to the relevant authorities at the opportune moment.

The mass killings that started in several localities follow the same pattern, which shows that the multiple inhuman acts were premeditated and well organized. The Army would approach a village or an Nomadic settlement, round all the inhabitants regardless of age and then take them away to a different locality thirty or forty kilometres away and spray them with bullets. The officers would finish off any survivors. It would take few days for relatives, if they were luckily, to find out that their family members were summarily executed.

This pattern of summary executions and mass terror is found around major oil exploration sites. This new valley of terror is close to Obole. Few months ago, the civilians living around Shilabo, Qabri-dahare and Gode, which are close to exploration sites were treated in similar manner, although the significance of the acts were not clear at the time. Although both the UN and Human Rights organizations requested response from the Ethiopian government about the mass killings that occurred previously in Moyaha and Malqaqa, the Meles Regime prefers to ignore such requests and continue its Crimes against humanity with impunity

Blood Oil has visited its curse on the voiceless Ogaden people. The Ogaden National liberation Front appeals to the secretary general of the UN nations to initiate an immediate investigation of the persistent mass murder perpetrated by the Ethiopian Army in the Ogaden, since Ethiopian government is violating the Human, political and economic rights of the Ogaden people and apply the responsibility to protect resolution and protect the Ogaden civilian population.

The list of the Ogaden victims of Ethiopian pogrom:

No. Name Gender date Area
1 Abdisamad Omar falug M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
2 Hussein Dheeg Mohamed aden M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
3 Ahmed Abdi Wahab M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
4 Carab Hadir H. Omar M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
5 Abdullahi hadir H. Omar M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
6 Deeq yusuf Ismail M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
7 Abdifatah Aw Mohamed M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
8 Abdisamad Omar falug M 07/05/2011 Dhogsa
9 Abdikaad Mohamed Farah M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
10 Afi Abdullahi Shugri M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
11 Bakaad Bashir M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
12 Mukhtar Basir M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
13 Shugri Abdullahi Sayid M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
14 Ibrahim Sharif Abdirahman M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
15 Duale Mohamed Ali M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
16 Kayd Sarehaye M 11/5/2011 Degah Madow
17 Ahmed Aw-Ise Qofal M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
18 Mukhtar Aw- Mohamed Qase M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
19 Suldan Mohamed Aden M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
20 Hure Ahmed Abdi  Hassan


M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
21 Bashir Mukhtar Aden M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
22 Son of Hassan Bixi M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
23 Ahmed Abdi Hassan


M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
24 Abdi Mowlid Abdi Kaahin M 13/5/2011 CARBADHIS
25 Yusuf Barud Dhuh M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
26 Mukhtar Abdullahi Omar M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
27 Muhumed weli Khalif M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
28 Shugri Aden (Food) M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
29 Khadar Shugri Food M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
30 Haybe Muhumed Shafec M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
31 Mohamed Abdi Aden Moos M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
32 Son of Badel Habarwaa M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
33 Son of Ahmed dheere M 13/05/2011 Dharkenly
35 Ayaan Ali Idoor F 14/05/2011 Dhabile
35 Son of Budul Cawl M 16/05/2011 Degah Madow
36 Son of Budul Cawl M 16/05/2011 Degah Madow
37 Quresh Osman Jamase M 16/05/2011 Degah Madow


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