Press Release,
The Mockery of Justice in Ethiopia

June 19,2012

The conviction of Mr. Abdirahman Sh. Hassan in Addis Ababa court today is a great miscarriage of justice and is a clear example of the mockery of Justice in Ethiopia. Such injustices take place in Ogaden on daily basis. Just a while ago, the Ethiopian Kangaroo courts sentenced two international journalists to 18 years just for trying to report from Ogaden based on the irrational basis of assisting ONLF.

Mr. Abdirahman Sh. Hassan was only one of the UN team who were engaged in the negotiations with ONLF to arrange the handover of the workers.  Mr. Abdirahman was discharging his duties assigned by his bosses. The UN negotiation expatriate team called ONLF foreign Secretary from Jigjiga more than 10 times, concerning this issue. If contacting ONLF was crime why were other UN officers who contacted ONLF not charged too? Mr. Hassan only crime is that he is from a Somali from the Ogaden. the Ethiopian regime is famous for concocting unfounded allegations against those help in resolving peacefully any people who fall into the hands of ONLF. It’s interest would have been served if such issues ended in disaster. ICRC was banned from the Ogaden on a similar rationale- contact with ONLF. However, ICRC is at the same time still allowed to serve in other parts of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia regime has now thrown it’s gauntlet and is clearly mocking the UN. The Onus is now on the UN.  Mr. Hassan’s is in this predicament because he believed that he was working for an international organization that would protect his rights.
Ethiopian Kangaroo courts are charging innocent civilians, including foreign and local journalists, such as Martin Schibbye and Johan Perrson on trumpeted up charges and are shamelessly sentenced them to long-term prisons.

ONLF condemn the Ethiopian regime for this heinous act and call upon the Ogaden people to redouble their struggle for justice and self-determination.



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