For the past couple of days, streams of people from all continents who are from the Diaspora Ogaden communities have been arriving at the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto, Canada. These individuals were representatives of the communities in many countries from these Europe, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia.
Representatives from the host nation, Canada, welcomed these delegates at many of the Canadian airports, bus terminals and train stations. The delegates were then taken to a major hotel where lodging and a special welcoming dinner awaited.
The delegates are to attend the yearly Ogaden Diaspora Communities convention. This year, the convention is being held in Toronto, Canada. The convention is to open on Friday morning July 6th. It is to continue until July 9th.

Aside from the Diaspora delegates, high ranking officials of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) are in attendance. Also in attendance are human rights organizations, experts in fields such as genocide, and foreign reporters some of whom are set to report the convention live on air.
We plan to provide a live feed of the convention on this site and on three other sites. Our onsite reporters will also be providing a continuous commentary and interviews. Stay tuned for the live feed and the many pictures, videos and stories from the convention floor.


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