Conference Title: The Horn of Africa: From Conflict to Regional Integration through Conflict Resolution

Conference Date: September 28th to September 29th, 2012

Conference Location: University ofMinnesota,LawCenter


 Conference Theme:

Despite common history and geography tying together, the Horn of Africa region had both recent and past conflicts that made democratic governance nearly impossible.  The region is home to a large number of ethnic groups living in eight interrelated different countries marked with soft borders – Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretria, Djibouti, Kenya , Uganda and Somalia.

Horn of Africa is a region plagued by armed conflicts that produce turbulent and tumultuous conditions laced with massive displacements, gross human rights violations and mass violence.  Although instability is more common than otherwise, the emergent regional integration among some of these countries seems to be an alternative course.  Cases in point are the Ethio-Djibouti infrastructural development along major routes that connect the port of Djibouti and Ethiopian population centers, and the South Sudan –Djibouti agreement signed in October 2011. Moreover, if the Ogaden issue is peacefully resolved, the potential for exporting the Ogaden gas and oil resources through either the ports of Djibouti or Barbara may further enhance both peace and democratization in the region.

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