(Ogadentoday Press)- The Ogaden region is located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, its shares borders with Somalia, Kenya, and Djibouti, the region is populated by ethnic Somali people, Sunni Muslims, Ogaden Region was occupied by Ethiopia in the early 19Th Century after serous accords between, British, Italy and Ethiopian Kingdoms. Ogaden is a like, the Kashmir and Palestine conflict which exists almost a century.

Somali Ogaden people in Ethiopia are fighting for Independence of Ogaden Region. Since the long time ago; the Somali troops invaded Ethiopia backing by Somali Ogaden Western Liberation front in 1977.

International community disagreed with the conflict, the Soviet backed directly to Ethiopia and committed genocide in Ogaden Region, soviet plans were bombing the town, Even though the American Administration has sympathy to Somalia, Mohamed Siyad Barre Government, they did not offer direct military assistances to Somalia.

Both Soviet and Americans were interesting the geopolitics of horn of Africa, the cold war was looming inside horn-of Africa.

Majority of Arab countries where supporting to Ethiopia, ‘many surprises”, but Ethiopian sees Arabs as primary enemy, the idea is from the connection between Israel state and Ethiopia or Egyptian kingdom attacked Ethiopia in 16 century, Egypt and Iraq were only two Arab states offered military and economic assistance to Somalia, under the leadership of Anwar Sadad and Sadam Hussein, Libya and Yemen were providing assistance to Ethiopia. Saudi Arabia tried to mediate the Somalia and US in order the US to control the Berbera Port but failed.

After 1991 the collapse of Mengist Haile Mariam, Ethiopia adopted a new constitution, new system, but little had been done, as promises of the news changes.

“Cohen Conference in London” Ethiopia promised a human right respect, political space open, and the draft constitution which declares self- determination of ethnic based nationalites in Ethiopia.

Cohen was a former US ambassador to Ethiopia; the Idea of conference was to save Ethiopia from destruction and civil war.

Ethiopia is federalism system with a little democratic space, there are political parties but the last 20 years, EPRDF, The Ethiopian primes Minister Melez Zenawi, ruling party leads the with iron-fist. His party controls, the state media, intelligence, and the military.

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