The wife Azeb Mesfin mentioned as a possible, if not likely, heir to her deceased husband Meles Zenawi.

Ethnic power struggle

Zenawi described as a dominant person that no one is going to be ready to fill the vacuum that occurs after him. It may open a more inner partidemokrati in government, think Ethiopia expert Kjetil Tronvoll.

– He worked 16-18 hours a day and could all subject areas better than their ministers. Just because no one will be able to fill his shoes, Ethiopia can now get a more pluralistic governance, says Tronvoll, senior partner at the International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI).

He and other experts now predict a power struggle between the four parties that have been involved in the coalition government. The next leader may come from a different ethnic group than the Zenawi belonged.

Ethiopian State media reported yesterday that Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will take over until a final selection is made at an extraordinary party congress.

– He can get the job permanently because he can be seen as a compromise candidate for the various ethnic groups can accept, say Tronvoll.

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