As we are just a week away from the vitality of 18th May and the commemoration of its celebration, there is ever pressing questions that the rest of the Somalis across the globe are troubled with getting right answers. In raising such legitimate questions, some may find irritating and I apologize, but the intention is aimed at solving the mystery of brothers “Somalilanders”. I must however, acknowledge and feel proud of them in achieving the success enjoyed; the peace and security, the rule of law and the tranquility benefitted by not only Somalilanders, but all Somalis. The recent election and the peaceful transfer power to the assumed and the incoming president is felt with proud by all of us regardless of our political difference.

Somali National Movement (SNM)

The founding principles of SNM and its core values were first fighting the injustice inflicted by the military regime. The aim was getting rid of the regime and bringing change to the Somali nation. All SNM fighters who were killed in action had only one motive and aim to achieve; Toppling Siyad Barre’s government and nothing beyond that. SNM was the second major Somali opposition fighting force that was armed by Ethiopia; SSDF is known to have been the first opposition that has fallen out from Siyad Barre’s cradle. USC and SPM have also followed suit to pursue the same goals. All opposition fighters had several objectives to achieve: toppling the regime and to install a power sharing government that stretch from Ras-Kamboni and in the South and to that of Ras Aseyr. Although all Somali opposition groups were mainly from certain tribes, yet every other group kept their core values of being Somalis and never gave a second thought to contemplate another option. The question here why all other groups are indifferent to their set goals, but would be Somalilanders have changed?

Somaliland Inception

In May 18th the year of 1991 elders and politicians gathered and announced their withdrawal from the rest of Somalia. The main reason based on that decision were mainly two things; the fact that the rest of Somalia descended into chaos and there were not an immediate solution viable at the time, and secondly reclaiming its historical colonial era that has divided Somalia into five portions. The Southern parts from Somalia were busy in fighting as new aggressive militias continue to rife and torment citizens. Millions left the country and sought refuge in the neighboring countries while thousands perished. Somalis always kept their thought that one day things will settle down and law and order will resume and we are still hopeful Insha Allah.

The inception and declaration of Somaliland become controversial in the Somali intellectuals that could not comprehend why Somali fellow wants to leave brotherhood and at the same time appease common enemy; Ethiopia. The tribes living in the North West of Somalia have never agreed to abandon their nation for good. There are strong feelings among many residents towards Somalism and rejection of isolation. The evidence is visible and is on the increase. The SSC and the Awdal State declaration are two good examples. Without these two main swathes and its respective residents on board, Somaliland is euphemism of one tribe “Isxaaq”. This family is dominating the rest and it wants to speak on behalf of the all by calling international recognition of Somaliland while they ignore internal recognition of other tribes and their grievances.

Justice and Freedom

Although freedom and equality before the law is two basic tenets of all progressive nations, Somaliland case is questionable. There is no freedom for anyone in Somaliland to question the viability of Somaliland and the need for staying with the rest of Somalia. There are well-known cases where individuals were imprisoned and intimidated by their belief of greater Somalia. As far as I know no Somaliland newspaper can publish any opposing article to the cause of Somaliland. What happened in Galalshe and how the media covered is mere example of the psyche of Somaliland. The disproportion force used against country fellow kin men showed how ill thought the system is. The SSC residents will undoubtedly accuse Somaliland of being a tribe politics that seeks to eradicate another Somali tribe.

The SSC issue is standing and it is not easily fading away. It is legitimate and they have genuine concerns. Sool, Sanaag and Cayn were all part of what is formerly known Somaliland. These three region inhabitants are loudly rejecting Somaliland agenda and their search of an international recognition. Awdal region residents are known to be against Somaliland withdrawal from the rest of Somalia. Prof. Samater is from Awdal region of Somaliland and he is a victim of his view on Somaliland. Ask anyone from Somaliland his/her feelings towards Samatar and what will happen if he tempts to set foot in Somaliland.
Somaliland officials vitiate anyone who is seen to opposing their goal like Samar. Their vitality is spent on searching recognition whilst ignoring an outcry from back home. People with genuine concern and issues are ignored and overlooked.


The Pseudo patriot of Somaliland is an artificial and will not be viable state for many reasons. All inhabitants of North West of Somalia cannot agree if they are asked to vote. International community has made clear that Somalia need no more divisions. IGAD and AU will never attempt to event consider pondering such issues as its taboo among them. Ethiopia who is the closest ally of Somaliland wants to have its suzerain statehood over Somalia and will never endanger that. Kenya and Ethiopia occupy portions of Somalia and we will never forget to reclaim when the time is right. Somalis everywhere are happy about every appraisable step achieved by Somaliland, but will automatically disassociate any claim to secede from the rest of Somalia

Abdirahman Ahmed


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  1. sugulle says:

    Maxaad ugu Mashquusahy Somaliland?
    waxay ilatahay Waqtiga aad ku bixisay iyo Sida aad wax uga Sheegtayba macno la`aan weeye.
    Somaliland Maxbuux uma aha Xamar iyo Warlordeeda!


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