Racism on Universal TV

But what was really shocking is Universal TV airing the racist comments of President Iley. Iley scorned Farah Mo’allin as an “adoon” (slave). Forget about the fact that a servant of an autocratic Ethiopian regime, who cannot utter one word without the authorization of the masters in Addis Ababa, is calling a free-man who can say whatever he wishes, a slave. Forget about the racist undertones that illustrate the depth of Iley’s obsoleteness in thinking and ignorance of current realities. Never mind the most powerful man in the world today, President Barack Obama of the USA, is an “adoon” according to Iley’s stereotyping. Disregard the fact that in terms of facial features Iley is likely be identified as a “Bantu” more than Farah. Forget the sickening contempt for our own Bantu Somalis in the banks of Wabi-Shabelle and other major rivers – people for whom Iley is supposed to be their “president”. Because natural stupidity cannot be undone by artificial intelligence acquired from advisers, these types of insults are expected from a man of deficient personality. The biggest shock is that Universal TV airs this invective with no regard to the feelings of those who would be offended by these remarks. Where is media ethics? Where is social responsibility?

Farah’s reply was quick and biting: “We are busy looking after over 20,000 refugees displaced from their homes by President Iley.” The Honorable speaker should remind Iley that in Kenya when the President talks, his audience often talk back freely or ask questions that are unpleasant to the ears of the President. Listeners of Presidential speeches do not stare blindly and clap at some intervals, looking terrified! Iley’s angry rants only make sense when consumed by politically servile cadres, who do not ask questions but cheer cheap denunciations. It happens in North Korea. There, they also practice Iley’s beloved “figeeys” (torture). Iley should know Kenya is a neighbor to Ethiopia in geographic terms, it is on a different planet when it comes to governance, respect for the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.

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