It is with sadness that we learned about the unfortunate and painful death of Sh. Haashi M. Dhicis this morning. As reported, Haashi was murdered by South African thugs who wanted to rob his shop by stabbing him in the heart.

We came to know Haashi sometime around 2002 when he arrived in South African and begun working with Ogaden Community Association of South Africa (OCAS) in different categories.

Haashi was a humble religious man who tirelessly preached for the cause of Ogaden Somalis.

Sometime in 2009 Haashi made a daring trip to Ogaden to visit his family but was unfortunately arrested somewhere near the border between ‘Somaliland’ and Ogaden by ‘Somaliland’ authorities who handed him over to Ethiopian security forces. He was later imprisoned in Jigjiga and severely tortured in different jails in Jigjiga. But fortunately, Haashi managed to escape from his captors and lived to tell the tales. (He meticulously gave detailed interviews on how he was arrested, handed over to Ethiopian troops and tortured, to several media outlets and showed the severe torture marks all over his body). In one of those interviews, Haashi said I begged to be killed to shorten my misery when I could not bear the ugly way I was tortured, which included being strip-naked, hanged upside down and beaten on sensitive spots, suffocated and water-boarded. His sadistic torturers extended his pain, trying new torture methods every now and then in desperate attempt to break his soul.

However Haashi survived all this horror. It is due to the inner strength of Haashi that torture couldn’t break his soul as he later returned to lead a normal life and redoubled the work he did for the struggle to free Ogaden from Ethiopian colonialism.

Haashi was a man of principle and struggle. We remember him always speaking about the Ogaden cause and advocating for it in formal and informal settings – in paltalk rooms, cafeterias, market places, religious functions, conferences, everywhere opportunity availed. At the time of his death, Haashi was head of bureau of information of Ogaden Community Association of South Africa (OCAS).

It is tragic that his life was cut short by a South Africa thug in the most unfortunate way after he had evaded death and survived torture in his home country Ogaden. Haashi leaves behind a wife and four children.

May he rest in peace. We extend our condolences to his family, friends and struggle comrades.

ONLF Information Office



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