Declaration No 1

 September 1, 2012

The Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement considers the Jaafar Zarooqe and Wayane agreement  treason to the country, to our martyrs and to political detainees. Therefore the agreement is entirely rejected by all Benishagul people at home and abroad. The movement had a clear vision about the negotiations and has refused to sit down with the deceased Meles in Addis Ababa, and demanded that negotiations be held outside Ethiopia, under the supervision of international bodies and organizations. we  base our believes that the regime does not  honor or respect its commitments as well as it does not respect the charters and covenants. We have been wounded deeply and severely by the betrayal of deceased Meles and his cohorts in 1996 for he arrested some  of our political leaders the movement after only three days of the convention on the composition of national troops from all the movements that have contributed to the liberation of the country from former dictator Mengistu Hailemariam.  also before that Emperor Menelik has deceived Alameer  Abdulrahman Khodjale Adam (known as Tor Algoore), the Ameer of Benishangul in1902, and he was imprisoned for nine years. We have rejected the agreement based on the believe that says a man could not be bitted twice from the same hole. Any negotiation to take place should be under the international supervision in the neutral country to safeguard the implement of any agreement. Therefore  we urge our people to continue their struggle with all means until we gain freedom and independence.

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  1. Alkhanagy says:

    We are closer to our independent today more than any time I plea to prince William & his wife Kate to adopt this negotiation at least to wipeout his grand grand mother Victoria who gave out land to absinian for nothing we are capable to get it by force but we want peace to advance first any who has contact to William & Kate do it I believe on this wonder couple they are generation of zero racism


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