Local rulers [in the Somali region of Ethiopia] are engaged in torture, a new smuggled video confirms. This week Swedish TV has revealed that the video evidence used against Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson was fake. Now, SVT’s Africa Correspondent John Ripa had access to additional material smuggled out of the Ogaden in Ethiopia. This time it confirms the regime’s widespread torture in Jail Ogaden.

Just days after Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye were released from Ethiopia; SVT then got hold of new smuggled video content from Ethiopia.

It’s about evidence and testimony of torture in Jail Ogaden.
This type of testimony is dismissed as lies by the Ethiopian regime. But in the materials now smuggled out of Ethiopia, the victims’ stories confirm how local rulers evaluate torture in prison: “Those who are here have conducted torture in Jail Ogaden. All but one of them tortured the prisoners mercilessly.”

The video also confirms that people have died from torture in prison.
“They tried to drown my friend”
Many torture victims from Jail Ogaden are hiding in Nairobi.
SVT’s Africa Correspondent John Ripa has met several of them and heard their stories.
Abdi Razak Ali has scars of bayonet attack and Ahmed Abdullahi’s wrists has traces of ropes used when he was hung from the ceiling. Abdullahi tells SVT reporter about several other ways they have been tortured.
“They took us out and then they beat us. Once they put us inside a tub of cold water. The water was energized. They tried to drown my friend, he was naked. Then they took him out and beat him.”
Abdi Razak Ali confirms a similar picture: “Several times they tortured my friend with water and electricity. In the end he died.”

Tearing of the hair so that the skin came-out

Rokia Muhammad also tells how she was treated in the prison. She tells me that she was repeatedly raped: “They have raped me and many other women.”
Rokia Muhammad still suffers from the rape. She also has the physical traces of her abuse in prison.
Her culture says she should not show her hair to an unknown man. But she makes an exception for SVT reporter and cries when she shows up the bald spots on the head. The soldiers tore her hair so that the skin came-out when they dragged her naked in Jail Ogaden.



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