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Carl Bildt is not a politician

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, appeared in the television program “Agenda” on Sunday. He argued there that Ethiopia is a country of the future and should not be criticized for what they now pardoned two Swedish journalists were subjected to. Hm. It was really the former businessman who spoke, not a minister. Oil extraction in the Ogaden province is a future project, you know as well as UD Carl Bildt and the international oil companies. And so it is: Bildt operations of Lundin Petroleum continues to cast doubt on the man’s motives.

The strange thing is that his current boss, Fredrik Reinfeldt, never any question about his time in the oil company that is under investigation for crimes under international law in Sudan. A social democratic Prime Minister had been in the same position bombarded with questions. But Reinfeldt survive from it and Carl Bildt has become the very definition of a Teflon minister – the most runs off him. He can mislead a Skavlan and he can get involved in the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which worked hard to propel the Law unconstitutional invasion of Iraq – and it is not seen as a real problem.  

How can it be that Carl Bildt, in the most remarkable way escape criticism? Who knows, Reinfeldt is perhaps even surprised that he never pressed on Carl Bildt’s credibility. 

I think this mystery is partly explained by the foreign minister post now is not very important. Nowadays, there are only two really important posts in government: Prime Minister and Finance Minister. One must go back twenty years in time to find those big battles between social and treasury departments was a prominent theme in all S-governments, but also in the nineties bourgeois government: Social Affairs Bengt Westerberg versus Finance Ann Wibble.

Foreign Minister means nowadays less and less. Sweden is no longer a neutral country between the major military blocs but almost members of NATO. Membership of the EU has degraded the Swedish foreign policy independence. In a way, I do not think that the common people and even media longer consider Foreign Minister Carl Bildt as a politician – he is more of an entertaining and dubious minor character in the big pikareskromanen of the attacks, cheer fest and nyimperialismens time.

When Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson held its bitwise arrest press conference on Friday said that they did not bring any story home. But at the press conference stood up several people who came from troubled Ogaden province. When it was known that: Roman figure Bildt blew away and the wind persisted and took on Sunday also businessman Carl Bildt’s words about the future of Ethiopia.




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