“The Government is uncomfortable with SVT’s [Swedish TV] publication.” Since early Saturday morning, you can no longer access svt.se in Ethiopia.

Sources in Ethiopia told SVT reporter John Ripa in Nairobi that it is no longer possible to go in and read the news on svt.se.

The reason is SVT’s coverage of the circumstances surrounding the trip and the arrest of journalists Martin Schibbyes and Johan Persson and their time in Ethiopian jail, thinks John Ripa.
“Ethiopia is extremely uncomfortable with the information we have published in our coverage. They know we will publish more,” he says.

Few days after the release of the journalists, SVT television published images that revealed the evidence used against the Swedes was fabricated.

The media is tightly controlled by the Ethiopian government. When the journalists were released, they were shown in a television interview in which they thanked Ethiopia and apologized. But it has been reported later they had no choice.
“What has been said is that the coverage that was made by the SVT is fictional,” says Johan Ripa.
“It’s unfortunate if they have closed our site; if they have done it intentionally, it is a strong and serious indication,” says Mikael Hvinlund, publisher of svt.se.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry’s press office in Stockholm said to SVT News that the Foreign Ministry does not have that information. When we reached Jens Odlander, Sweden’s ambassador to Ethiopia, he said he will investigate the matter. SVT News also tried to contact the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm, but without result.

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