.. Despite the optimism surrounding the Kenya negotiations, violations of human rights has apparently continued in the Eastern region.

wo Ethiopian women have accused the country’s military of sexually abusing and raping them while they were detained after a crackdown in the Eastern Ogaden state near the Somalia border.

Abdikarim Rabi, a human rights reporter with SVT, sent Bikyamasr.com a short interview he had conducted with Rokia Muhammad, who said she and other women were repeatedly raped.

“They have raped me and many other women,” she told Rabi.

According to Muhammad, she is emotionally traumatized as well as having physical “traces of the treatment in prison.”

In an interview with SVT, she showed her head, which had areas of hair ripped out as she said she was dragged, naked, in the Ogaden jail.

Another woman, who asked not to be named, had escaped to Addis Ababa where she is receiving treatment for her injuries suffered in an Ogaden jail at the hands of the military.

“They would take me from my cell at least once or twice a day and rape me. The soldiers would take turns on me and other women. It was the worst experience of my life and I just want to forget and move on,” she told Bikyamasr.com.

It comes on the heels of increased reports of military abuse and violence against civilians in the Ogaden territory in recent weeks.

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