Dad badan oo qaxooti ah ayaa ka imanaya dhulka somalida Ogadeniya oo gaadhaya maalin kasta xeryaha qoxootiga ee dalka Kenya kuwaas oo ka cabanaya in xasuuq u geystaan ciidamada Itoobiya Maxamed Abdullahi Yusuf oo ka mid ah dadkaas ka soo qaxay ayaa
waxaa wareystay VOA Soamli isaga oo jooga xerada Dhadhaab. —>>[audio:|titles=wareysi-ma01062011]



  1. Y.Ogle says:

    The beginning of the end of Melze zenawi`s regime
    Is the beginning of the Ogaden Statehood.

  2. Y.Ogle says:

    The Abyssinians never know how I watched in Ogden from the shadows as a child.
    they never know how it feels to be the one who’s tortured, raped, wounded, killed and left behind. The killers never know the days, the nights, the tears the tears the Ogadeniens cried. But now our time has come, and time, time is not on your side Now we have got revenge for the Ethiopians, this time we won’t miss our freedom, we have got in our sight the freedom.
    Many Ogadeniens have experienced, beating, torture, rape, or have been injured for life. Others witnessed horrific violence against family or friends directed by the Ethiopian dictators, like menelik, Haile selasse, Mingistu and Melze zeanwi.


  3. Y.Ogle says:

    The legitimate struggle for the self-determination of the Somali people of Ogaden has its roots in the villages, towns and rural areas of Ogaden where a people denied educational opportunity, health care and the freedom to associate formulated a vision of what life would be like when their aspirations would be realized. This vision has been speculated on by many foreign pundits but very few have asked the people it most affects for answers.



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