Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Atleast Six people have been killed and hundreds wounded in South Wollo on Sunday when members of the federal police clashed with local ordinary Muslims, Awramba Times sources said.

The Ethiopian Muslims have been protesting the government’s believed interference in the faith’s local council elections, which has angered Muslims across the country.

The Muslims are angered by the government attempts in promoting one sect of Islam over the other and this has led to tensions, including police violence last summer directed at Muslim protesters at mosques in the country.

The protesters argue the government controls Ethiopia’s highest Muslim body, the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs, and has prevented long-overdue elections that could bring alternative views onto the Council.

Muslims here have accused the government of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of attempting to push a specific view of Islam against the council and the majority of Muslims in the East African country.

Many of those arrested have been accused of inciting violence and remain in jail after being detained by police at local mosques in the country.

The Muslim community has also pushed for unity between Christians and animists in the country in recent months, urging all Ethiopians to come together for change in the country.

The same group of Ethiopian Muslim student activists and their Christian friends have lashed out repeatedly at international media coverage of alleged friction between the two religious groups in the East African country. They said that recent crackdowns on Muslims in the country are the result of “ongoing government oppression and should not be seen as a sign of sectarian divides in the country.”

One of the Christians, Maria, argued that “the media want to show our Muslim sisters and brothers as antagonistic toward Christians, but the reality is that we are all battling the government and its violence against all Ethiopians.”

Tensions reached their peak on July 13, when the government raided a gathering at the Awalia Mosque in Addis Ababa, where government officials said Muslim leaders were planning further protests.

Ethiopian authorities said more than 70 people were arrested in the operation, including the members of the mosque’s central organizing committee.



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  1. mohammed says:

    hi every body.the goverment had decided to play new game”tension through religion”.on one side it tells our christian brother & sisters that the muslims want sheria law.on the other side it tells the muslims that the christians want “one country one religion”.so that the two sides be suspicious on one another.what we have to do is that we should unite( all muslim and christians) and isolate the so called “democratic on theory but dictator on practical” opperesive government.but what you should know for sure is that justice will come in the near.


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