Corruption, human crimes and dictatorship, ignorance and propaganda creation are the key factors to evaluate performance and relationship in the Woyane system. The Gambella, Debub and Somali Presidents (Omod Obong, Shiferaw Shigute and Abdi Mohamed Omar) are the best of the Woyane Regional Presidents in Ethiopia.

Shiferaw Shigute President of SNNP Region is the President of the Debub Region (Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State). Shiferaw Shigutie is former Amhara and former farmer, and owner of cafeteria in his office, with no education. Shiferaw Shigute faulted for corruption. Protesters demand end of Ethiopian politician’s visit. The recent victims off Shiferaw Shigute are more than twenty thousands including children and women who were evicted from their farms at Gura Ferda in south of Ethiopia few months ago. They are now dispersed throughout Ethiopia with no one to take care of them. It is sad to see a man who is responsible for such crime be allowed to come to your university to do business.

Abdi Mohamed Omar is the current President of Somali Regional State, who is also Head of Somali Security and Liyu Police (since 2006 / 2007 – present) and Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPD), who didn’t complete regular primary education or attended professional training. Prior to joining the Regional State, he worked with the Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority (EELPA) as an electrical helper.

Omod Obong is another member of the woyane crime team, who displaced many Anuak people, and killed them. This man is Militia number one and corrupted person at national level. Omod Obong is also Gambella Head of Security and Liyu Police (since September 2005) and Gambella People’s Democratic Movement (GPDM), who didn’t attend regular education classes or professional training. Prior to joining the Regional State.

There is no water, no food, and no basic social services in these regions. These presidents have committed serious human violations, organize human crimes, and also corruptions and misuse of aid in their regions. In 2011 only, Shiferaw Shigute and Abdi Mohamed Omar displaced more than 100,000 Amaras, Ogaden and Southern Nations from Somali and SNNP regions. These Presidents have been worked in the Woyane Security and Militia Sectors, and assigned by Military Officials with the new security force positions, and then promoted them to the presidency. They lack basic knowledge and skills for people’s leadership, good governance and human rights. Abaye Tsehaye and Hailemariam Desalegn are behind assignment of these frogs as a regional presidents in these regions.



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