We the ORC leadership strongly condemn the bloody bus explosion of November 18th  2012 in the Nairobi’s suburb, East Leigh where seven innocent passengers lost their lives amid a number of other peoples had been admitted to hospitals. This worrisome act which is the deadliest in East Leigh since terrorizing attacks began; seems employed by those caring human lives at lowest. It is also understood that such actions do not help gaining any publicity or social acceptance to anybody seeking broad-based political/religious goals. But, it may help awhile to those consider “generalized violence or public confusion” as a means of; barring someone to meet public target or their survival from an upcoming downfall.

From this horror attack, we witnessed that desperate or angry East leigh community members began attacking pedestrians or neighbors belonging to specific community; namely the Somali-speaking populations. However, these inter-community attacks or animosities are among the expected results of those employing such bloody, deceitful and faceless terrorizing aggressions. Therefore, we strongly condemn those [taking the advantage of the status quo] employ or incite inter-community violence amid we urge that people manage restraining themselves from any kind of violence.

We the Ogaden refugees are victims of security lapses as fellow members of our community with political significance were murdered in 2011 [before Kenyan intervention of October 2011] by Ethiopian regime assassins. To further political cause, it seems that destabilizing forces including neighboring government namely Ethiopia, which unofficially opposes Kenya’s role to nearby southern Somalia regions, utilized country’s security sector limitations.

We call on Kenyan government and Kenyan Police leadership not to send security forces to East Leigh for violent crackdown against the alleged un-registered refugees as those performing such inhuman terrorizing missions are probably well registered persons. Rather than, it is recommended that you employ steps offering little chance to anyone trying to take actions easing communities’ severe relationship and hatred sentiments. These steps could lead healthy relationship and mutual cooperation between country’s security forces and communities’ fellow members.

Security for all!

Ahmed F Mohamud

Ogaden Refugees Committee (ORC) – Chairman

Nairobi, Kenya

To follow ORC Chairman, please visit on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MohamudFarah , or on LinkedIn: http://ke.linkedin.com/pub/ahmed-mohamud/44/65a/466

ORC – a body representing and advocating for refugees/asylum seekers from the Ogaden region whose number is estimated to be over half a million in Kenya only.



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