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Today marks the 19th Anniversary of the Wardheer Ogaden Massacre when Ethiopian armed forces opened fire on unarmed Civilians, mostly women, children and the elderly.  It was indeed truly a tragic and unforgettable day.  On Behalf of Ogaden Youth and Students Union (O.Y.S.U) in Melbourne we remember the victims and their family.  We shall never FORGET THE VICTIMS. We paint their names in our hearts and in history. We strive to bring justice to each victim and their family.  REMEMBER THE VICTIMS AND KEEP THEM IN YOUR DUA. BRING JUSTICE TO OUR HEROES.
With reference to the Ogaden Region and its struggle for self-determination, February became a month full of remarkable events, both heartbreaking incidents & joyful events. To keep a record of these events for the future generations,  the Ogaden Youth and Students Union (OYSU) Melbourne,  present here some unforgettable events that took place in the Ogaden  in February 1994.

The Ethiopian occupying army killed Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim Yusuf also known as Abdullahi Ganay who was the deputy District Commissioner of Wardheer. Mr. Ganay was killed after he opposed a conspiracy plan in which the Ethiopian Government wanted to hold a conference aimed at convincing the traditional community leaders to support the Ethiopian government against ONLF who is the legitimate force fighting to free Ogaden from the Ethiopian occupation.

The District Commissioner (DC) of Kallafo Mr. Dulane Hassan Gabane and two unarmed civilians named Mr. Abdi Ali Adan and Diriye Dhaqane were all tortured to death by the merciless Ethiopian occupying army.

In an unprecedented act of brutality, the Ethiopian army killed Mr. Mahad Omar Tube who was the DC of Qabri-Dahare along with his deputy Mr. Deeq Mohamed Arab at a broad daylight. The corpses laid at the city centre for days as the enemy prevented the family members to bury the dead bodies.

In the town of Dhagah-bur, the Ethiopian occupying army tortured both Mr. Mahad Muse Ibrahim and Deeq Yusuf Kariye to death. Mr. Kariye was the writer of the popular journal “Sheeko & Shaahid”.

The traditional community leaders from the Ogaden Region had submitted a petition to the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi informing him their final and unwavering decision for self-determination.

The democratically elected Ogaden Assembly held their meeting on this day and voted overwhelmingly that the Ogaden cannot remain under Ethiopia. The Parliament reached this decision in accordance with the Ethiopia’s Federal constitution. In Ogaden, this day became known as the “Day of Self-Determination”.

In a peaceful demonstration led by the Chairman of the ONLF late Sheikh Ibrahim Abdalla, the residents of Wardheer took the streets to support the decision taken by the Ogaden Parliament, but the Ethiopian army interrupted that peaceful gathering and attempted to kill Sheikh Ibrahim. This coward act failed as the people of Wardheer put a fierce resistance against the heavily armed Ethiopian army. After a fierce battle that lasted the whole day in which the Ethiopian Military suffered heavy loss, Sheikh Ibrahim was taken to a secured location unharmed. The city lost 85 of its residents, but the stiff resistance and the bravery displayed by the people of Wardheer shocked the Ethiopian Army and government. This day went down in history as one of the greatest demonstrations for freedom in the history of the Ogaden and the refusal of its people to give in to the occupying forces.

February 1994 was the beginning of the revolution against dictatorship and declaration of self determination of the people of Ogadenia.  The indigenous owners of the LAND (the Ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden) united to defend what is rightfully theirs (Their religion, their land, their people, their language, their culture, their history).  The Ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden Spoke in 1994 and continue to SPEAK in 2013.

Unite to be the Voice for the Voiceless. UNITY is our AIM, Freedom is our GOAL.


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