On February 26 of 2013, a function of remembrance named as “February Massacre Day” was held in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. This rememberance which hundreds of participants attended, was occurring in Nairobi’s Bin Ali Hotel at 8th street of East Leigh neighborhood.

This function, had its unique magnitude, by displaying Ethiopian regime forces’ brutality or massacring of the innocent civilians in the Ogaden territory which remians under their colonial and repressive rule.

Within the commemoration, many participants had expressed their sorrowful feelings as they failed to control themselves from the gloomy pictures and atrocities committed by Ethiopian regime brutal forces. 

This February Massacre Day in Nairobi, which is also organized by Ogaden Youth & Students Union (OYSU) once every year in many many parts of the world where Ogaden people sought refuge or asylum, was attended many dignitaries including officials from Ogaden Community of East Africa and other social organizations in Kenya. Many of the delegates had vowed that it is utmost necessary to backup Ogaden peoples’ struggle from Ethiopian regime’s brutality and colonization.

The Head of the Ogaden Community in Kenya Eng. Ahmad F. Mohamud read this speach on behalf of the community :

      Massacre Day Speech 


Ogaden News Agency (ONA)


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