The recent foiled abduction of two Ogaden political leaders who were asylum seekers in Kenya by Ethiopian secret service agents in collaboration with rogue elements of junior Kenyan security services has increased the worries of Ogaden refugees in Kenya and raised many questions. And the answers lead to Abdi Iley, the head of the Ethiopian appointed puppet administration in Ogaden and his close associates.

According to information we’ve received from reliable sources based in Jigjiga who have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Abdi Iley and his gang, this mafia-like group have been in disarray lately as a result of the failed peace talks in Nairobi, Kenya.  

It’s worth remembering the first step this group took after derailing the Nairobi talks was to convene a so-called consultative conference in Jigjija and the sleek propaganda campaign – meant to portray the ONLF as the side responsible for the failure of the talks – they unleashed. 

The Latest Plot

After the propaganda campaign failed to produce any tangible results, the Jigjiga gang and the army general who rules them, Lt Gen. Abraha Wolde, resorted to invent a breakaway ‘major ONLF faction’ that accepted the Ethiopian government’s demands and rejected the stance of what they call as ‘anti-peace faction.’

This group had almost convinced the leadership in Addis Abbaba of the existence of  this ‘major ONLF faction’ which was willing to break-away from the traditional ONLF and accept the Ethiopian government’s conditions to the extent Mr. HaileMariam Desalegn begun believing their fairytales and repeated them in his recent Aljazeera interview.

However, there was always a problem in inventing ONLF factions: any serious ‘faction’ worth the name must have boots on the ground in Ogaden and enjoy the support of the majority of the Ogaden population, inside and outside the country.

When this faction could not be produced, the Jigjiga gang, in a desperate move, brought to Addis Ababa Abdinur Farah, a former junior ONLF member who was expelled from the organization CC for violating organizational rules, and presented him to the media as ‘the leader of major ONLF faction’ who is ready to accept the Ethiopian regime’s demands and lay down arms.

However, as is always the case with their created ONLF factions, Abdi Iley’s trump card, the lone Abdinur Farah, failed to produce the desired results, and the much advertised existence of high-ranking ONLF leaders ready to follow Abdinur to Addis Ababa came to nothing. The film Abraha Wolde, Abdi Iley and their associates who benefit from the bloodshed in Ogaden, sold to the Ethiopian regime was nothing but a fairytale – and a badly acted one at that.

The abduction plan

It is obvious to all that the Abdinur card dismally failed, but the Jigjiga gangs are still trying to breathe life into their dead horse. Their latest plot now is to try to abduct high-ranking ONLF leaders who might be based in neighboring countries like Kenya and sell them as those prominent ONLF leaders who were on their way to Ethiopia, in the footsteps Abdinur Farah.

As we have learned from experience, the Ethiopian regime tortures captured political opponents and forces them to confess to crimes and uses them against their comrades. Had it been successful, the strategy behind the abduction plan was to bring these captured men to Ethiopia, torture them if they refuse to cooperate, and force them to denounce the ONLF and become Abdinur’s much awaited men who were on their way to Ethiopia to surrender.

That plan has now totally failed, and Abdi Iley’s exaggeration of Abdinur is in shambles.  Furthermore, our sources point out that this is not the last dirty plan of the Jigjiga gang, because this group sold to the central government in Addis Ababa about the existence of senior ONLF Executive Committee members and other leaders who are ready to accept the Ethiopian regime’s conditions and they’re still pursuing this mirage. The sources say Gen. Abraha Wolda and Abdi Iley are trying to produce, by hook or crook, ‘the major faction’ they sold to the central government in Addis, which in turn based its decision to storm out of the talks on the manufactured lies of these criminals in Jigjiga who benefit from the shedding of innocent Ogaden blood.

Finally, our sources confirmed the amount of money used to execute the failed abduction plot was estimated to be around two million Birr. 






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