By Abdirahman Hollywood

San Diego, California: The 2nd annual San Diego Walk to End Genocide a worldwide campaign was held on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at the Carmel Valley’s Ocean Air Community Park in San Diego. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness, to advocate and to educate about the horrors of genocide around the world. Among the invited organizations were Ogaden Youth & Student Union of San Diego an international youth organization that is vowing to shed light on the current genocide taking place in the Ogaden region.

The event started with a two mile walk where hundreds of people from different organizations displayed banners and posters; their message? No more Genocide! They pledged to end genocide around the world and to remind us how the world had promised no more genocide yet sadly watched as the Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur and now the Ogaden genocide take place.

Among the speakers was OYSU San Diego president MohamedNoor Mohamud Abdi who introduced OYSU to the hundreds of the attendees. Mr. Noor spoke about the plight of the Somali people in the Ogaden region, the victims of successive cruel and unjust Ethiopian regimes. He emphasized on the current humanitarian crisis particularly the blockade of food aid and the explosion of humanitarian aid agencies and international media in the Ogaden.

Present at the event were reporters from the San Diego KUSI News Channel 9 and Qorahay Media Journalist Group reporting and conducting interviews with the organizers as well as the passionate crowds.

OYSU San Diego will continue to raise awareness about the genocide in the Ogaden region throughout Californiacolleges and Universities. Next on their sight is the Los Angeles Walk to End Genocide that will take place next Sunday (04/14/2013). Please join them as they urge the US government as well as the international community to investigate crimes against the civilians of the Ogaden by the Ethiopian military and to hold the Addis Ababa regime accountable.

For more information please visit

OYSU San Diego (California) on Facebook 

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