ADDIS ABABA: The ongoing violence in the Eastern Ogaden region near the Somalia border has many in Ethiopia worried over the future of the rebellious area. Activists close to the area say the government and military continue to use violence to subjugate the population in the area, and numerous reports have emerged in recent months of widespread human rights violence perpetuated by the Ethiopian military.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reported that the government “has tried to stem the flow of information from the region. Some foreign journalists who have attempted to conduct independent investigations have been arrested and residents and witnesses have been threatened and detained in order to prevent them from speaking out.”

Aid workers with the United Nations (UN), Medecines Sans Frontiers (MSF) and the International Committee of The Red Cross, plus journalists from a range of western papers, including The New York Times have all had staff expelled and/or detained, by the Ethiopian regime, which speaks of democracy yet does act not in accordance with its own liberal constitution and consistently violates international law, with total impunity.

Last year, An independent news website covering Ethiopia’s Ogaden region, Ogadentoday, has called for a global investigation into what they termed the “Ogaden Genocide.”

The call came in response to videos posted by Swedish National Television (SVT) concerning and detailing human rights abuses in Ethiopia’s eastern region near the Somalia border.

“The latest video is about the Mal-Qaqa massacre that took place in June 10, 2010 after when Ethiopian Paramilitary Liyu Police attacked the village and has executed an entirely population in the area,” the statement said, adding that a SVT fixer had recently visited the area.

“We, Ogadentoday Press an Information website and advocates promoting human right and freedom of media are calling for the International Community to take an urgent action about the ongoing genocide,” the statement continued.

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