The latest news reaching us from Ogaden confirm that Jigjiga is in turmoil, griped by tension and confusion related to reliable news indicating the expected removal of the notorious Abdi Iley from his post as head of the so-called Somali Regional State (SRS).

The removal of Abdi Iley is spearheaded by Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Hesalegn who tried several times to replace him but could not succeed as senior Tigrayan army generals based in Ogaden have objected to it. Abdi iley established close relations with the Tigrayan Generals by bribing them with money he siphoned off from the coffers of the Somali regional administration.

Our sources within the regional cabinet reported that Abdi Iley was summoned toAddis Ababa10 days ago to be informed that he will be removed from his current post and appointed as minister in the Federal Government, to which Abdi Iley apparently rejected.

Abdi Iley tried desperately to convince Hailemariam Hesalegn of his indispensability as head of Somali Regional State reasoning that there is no capable person (who is as trustworthy to Ethiopian regime as he is) who can do his job of securing the affairs of the Somali regional administration. He played as usual the ONLF card by saying to Mr. Hesalegn: “I’ve been cleansing ‘the anti-peace elements’ from my administration for the last three years. But I found out just last month that some members of my cabinet have secret relations with the ONLF.” He also told the Prime Minster “The ones you’re trying to replace me with are secretly working with the ONLF.”

He blackmailed the Federal Government that the Liyu Police will defect in large numbers to the ONLF if he is removed, since they trust no one else.

After that squabble, Abdi Iley was instructed to go back to Jigjiga and wait for the arrival in Jigjiga of a delegation from Hailemariam Hesalegn’s office.

When Abdi Iley returned to Jigjiga, he immediately convened a closed door meeting with senior commanders of the Liyuu Police from his sub-clan. They are: Abdirahman ‘Laba-go’le, head of Liyuu Police operations; Abdi Aden Waris, commander of the Liyuu Police; and Shiekh Mukhtar, head of secret services.

As relayed to us, Abdi Iley instructed these men to tell Hailemariam Hesalegn’s delegation when they arrive in Jigjiga that there is no one they can trust and work with other than him; that they will stop working if Abdi Iley is replaced; and that they suspect senior members of the regional administration for having connections to the ONLF.

These men then went into action and organized what they called an attempt of desertion from the Liyu Police that was followed by large scale round-ups of Liyu Police men, and the extra-judicial killing of senior Liyu Police officers.

Our sources also confirm that Cabdi Iley is organizing a ploy against several persons he suspects that Hailemariam Desalegn intends to replace him with. It is expected that he will soon arrest some of these men and accuse them of being ONLF. In the midst of this created confusion and turmoil,  Abdi Iley intends to eliminate those he has grudges against, our sources indicate.

The Tigrayans army generals are in cahoots with Abdi Iley in this dirty game in apparent attempt to show Mr. Hesalegn the heavy price he will pay by interfering with their backyard in Ogaden, and probably to force a change in the PM desire to replace Abdi Iley.

Stay tuned as we update you on this unfolding story.



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