As we’ve reported last week the turmoil and confusion which has engulfed the Jigjiga administration is still continuing. This time the top brass of the local Somali regional Police are the latest victims.

So far, those thrown into jail include: the commissioner of the Somali regional police, Mr. Mohamed Ali Hassan; the head of the regional prisons, Col. Jamal and his deputy, Shiine Abdi Badil.

A Liyuu Police officer named Aynanshe Shiekh Mohamed has been appointed to run the prisons.

Since last week, large numbers of uniformed police men are seen in handcuffs in the streets of Jigjiga on their way to prisons. The actual number of those arrested is unknown but it is estimated to be hundreds.

The latest arrests comes after Abdi Iley and Tigrey army generals in Ogaden organised an inquisition type ‘evaluation and assesment’ sessions which are knownGema-gema, an ominous practice which the TPLF rebels used to evaluate their cadres during their years in the bush. But in Ogaden they use it as a kangaroo court system to publicly shame, humiliate and then judge and sentence without any recourse to due process its victims. The Gema-gema season is locally know as ‘the night of the long knives’ when scores are settled and heads roll.

The degree of suspicion and mistrust among the puppets of the so-called Somali regional administration has reached unprecedented levels ever-since Abdi Iley returned from a meeting he held with Ethiopian PM. Haile Marriam Desageln in Addis Ababa in which he was apparently informed that he will be replaced as head of the Somali region. As our sources confirmed, Abdi Iley pleaded with Mr. Desageln to stay in his position and accused members of his cabinet of having connections to the ONLF.

It is believed the reason the local police force is targeted is that Abdi Iley suspects their loyalty to him unlike the Liyuu Police militias. He is pounding on them because he fears his political opponents will use the police force as instrument to rise against him and unseat him.

Also, Abdi Iley wants to erase the atrocities he committed over the years by deflecting it to his juniors before he is replaced. The Police force and the Prison depart officials have firsthand knowledge of the atrocities Mr. Iley and his henchmen committed and the orders they gave to first arrest and then eliminate their opponents.
Mr. Iley knows that anyone who wants to open a criminal docket against him – or do a Gema-gema to him – will have to use against him those who did the dirty work for him. As such he is preempting them.

The Gema-gema witch-hunting campaign is expected to continue and target other areas of the Somali regional administration.

Other unconfirmed news reaching us from Addis Ababa indicate that Abdi Iley’s nemesis, Mr. Ahmed Sheik, former head of Research and Planning Bureau in the Somali region, is expected to arrive in Jigjiga escorted by a large convoy of Ethiopian Federal troops. Mr. Iley tried to eliminate Ahmed Sheik in 2011 but did not succeed as Ahmed Sheik escaped to neighboring Kenya. He was persuaded to return to Ethiopia by the new PM Haile Marriam Desageln after he received assurances of his safety.

We will update you as we receive further information.



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  1. Mohamed Jama says:

    This action should be taken long time ago, many innocents were killed without being taken to court Nice job done !


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