May 24, 2013
On 25 May 2013, African “countries” will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the African Union. A celebration with gigantic fanfare and participation of African and world leaders. A macabre show of celebrating for an organization that has betrayed the visions of millions of Africans at the eve of independence from colonialism.
The AU, formally the OAU headquarters is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one of the least developed countries in the world and Africa.  While the leaders of Africa conspicuously regale in the 5 star hotels in Addis Ababa at every AU conference,  just around the corner  in Addis Ababa tens of thousands languish in detention camps the likes of which the Gulags of old Soviet union pales in comparison. Further afield in Ogaden the Ethiopia regime embargoes Aid and trade, while killing thousands of civilians and detaining hundreds of thousands in military barracks that are used as torture chambers where the spirit and body of detainees are broken and turned into living zombies.
The fate of the Ogaden Somalis is not unique despite being the most pronounced. Just few streets from the AU headquarters more than 200 civilian peaceful demonstrators were gunned down by the EPRDF militia wearing the mantle of Ethiopian Army’ and the AU did not even bother to issue one its lame duck edicts. Every region in Ethiopia is a Cauldron full of twisted and degraded civilians whose only crime is that they are not from the Tigray ruling clan.
While the international community in some form or other chastises the Ethiopian Regimes violations of the Human rights of those under its horrendous rule, in violation of its own constitution and international laws it signed, the AU and the bloated African leaders are oblivious the blood filled streets they parade yearly. Moreover, them when the occasion arises they cry wolf and blame every shortcomings the African people suffer on European colonialism.
 Europe left Africa sixty years ago, with medley of borders that did not reflect the nature association of peoples in Africa. This patchwork map of Africa was and is a major dividing factor between African peoples that caused and still causes untold suffering and bloodshed among Africans.  Instead of boldly discarding the resulting sterile states and creating a united Africa or restructuring them on the basis of the natural order of the African societies before colonialism, the African ‘leaders’  opted to cling to the artificial mini states left behind by colonialism.
Most of These artificial states that could not even feed the peoples under their jurisdictions let alone better the lives of the African peoples and compete in the modern world. African is lagging at the bottom of the Human ladder, the sons and daughters of Africa are dying crossing the high seas to escape from the inept African states that could not provide them the lives enjoyed by the likes in even mini states like Singapore or Malaysia. Other escape the terror visited upon them by ruthless rulers like those in Ethiopia. What is even more saddening is the fact that Africa is the richest continent in natural resources and agriculture.
Both China and India were colonized and today they are vying for exploiting African resources after crashing the shackles of under development. In Contrast, African leaders are satisfied with glamorous palaces, lavish lifestyles foreign bank accounts, large armies, tanks and lethal weapons to use against African peoples when they demand a better life. Moreover, the hallmark of African states became systems of governance that have beautiful constitutions that are never applied, nepotism, single tribe hegemony of the resources of the state, corruption and rampant growth of debts that is symmetric to the amount of stolen monies in their foreign accounts.
Alas! , dear lame African Leaders keep reveling; the beautiful ones are not yet born for Africa. You are not there for the suffering multitudes of Africa. “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so” (quoted from D Adams). Learn from your equals in other continents unless you want to wait until African people become extinct.
Geeraar Maygag

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