Today we are here to mark the anniversary of Looqe Massacre in which many brothers and sisters have been perished in Hawasa, the capital city of Sidama. This is a very sad story, today I’m sure that we all have a lot in common, because in Ogaden every day a bloody murderer’s kill innocent people, which are peaceful people like our Sidama brothers and sisters.

Every day exactly identical and similar evil actions, done by the brutal Addis-Ababa regime, happen to Orormo People, Afar People, Gambella People and all other victims under this regime. We are all suffering from Looqe massacre; we are all victims of the genocide in Ogaden, Oromiya and many other regions in the country.
Ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank the Sidama Community for hosting this event. It is really momentous, significant and very important that we hold events like this for the commemoration of our fallen brothers and sisters. Hence, our communities from Ogaden, Sidama, Oromiya and Afar as well as all other victims under Abyssinian oppression can contribute and share their stories of genocide in a hope that we will be able to prevent and mitigate such this horrible, barbaric and nasty action.
Remembering some of our stories, such as Looqe massacre, has been tragic but at the same time, it will help us bring our communities together, in order to fight back against the evil oppression and merciless human treatments done by the Abyssinian regime. The Sidama people and the Ogaden people share many similarities and today we are marking the Looqe massacre as same as the catastrophic event that took place during the Ogaden massacre day.

The Ogaden Community remembers Looqe massacre as it is similar to Wardheer massacre, when in 1994, the ruthless, merciless and brutal Woyane soldiers massacred more than 80 innocent civilians, including women and children in DOLLO region, East Ogaden. Remember those victims were peaceful protesters, like the people of Looqe. The ogaden people remember the Qabridahar Massacre in 2005, the gallaalshe massacre, the Malqaqa Massacre, and many more. Every month Ethiopian governments commit mass killings in ogaden.
Dear sisters and brothers on behalf of the Ogaden community I would like to send our deepest heartfelt to the families and people of Sidama those are suffering from Looqe massacre. It was unacceptable and evil action, committed by Ethiopian government.
We should all be united and bring to Justice those who committed the genocide. We must be united and face the challenges waiting in front of us. As we all know, Genocide is a crime against humanity and that is why we all need to unite. Remember, not just ourselves but also we need to bring the world at our side.

May justice prevail

Ogaden Community UK




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