Imagine in today’s Africa finding a leader capable of forming a regional organization like OAU. Imagine a leader that stand out as role model for African leadership in the 21stcentury. And, imagine when an African leader would emerge that would earn universal respect like Mandela.

My people, Africa is a play ground for dictators acting like domesticated wolf during the day a hyenas in the night. The few leaders that have the mandate of their people found Africa Union a retreat; a kind of resort to do what they wouldn’t be able to do at home. Shame-on all of them to coddle up with daylight wolves and the hyenas of the nights.

by Teshome Debalke

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of African Union (the former Organization of Africa Unity) another history was made. In a city where the Headquarter of the organization was erected and the country that was the instrument in uniting Africans is occupied by the brutal ethnic tyranny that divides her population by ethnicity and religion; in direct contradiction to the very Charter of the foundation and with the help of the international community.

The visionary leaders that brought about African Unity are replaced by demagogues, corrupt, and brutal tyrants taking the organization down with them. Our own rogue regime not only denies the existence of the nation that is the founding member but, doesn’t recognize the Founding father of the Organization himself. Fifty years later the striking difference between African leaders then and now is telling.

In all honesty, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about Africa Union. I don’t know why people make a big deal of an Organization that turned in to good-for- noting; taken hostage by barefaced dictators. The Organization did its work when it was established 50 years ago with clear vision and great leaders of the time to end up into an entertainment hall of mindless dictators financed and built by Chinese Communist Regime.

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