We have reported numerous times in the past that Ethiopian occupation troops in Ogaden emptied many towns, villages and hamlets of their inhabitants through a campaign of forced removals. The Hamlet of Alosane,  near Fiiq town, is one of them.

Before the arrival of Ethiopian troops in these towns, which are mostly located deep in the hinterland of Ogaden, they were thriving places full of pastoralists, farmers and traders.

As you can see in the recently recorded video of Alosane hamlet, Ethiopian troops forcibly removed the inhabitants of that hamlet, taking most of them to makeshift jails in the nearby Fiiq town and other places.

The result of these forcible removals has been devastating: forests have now reclaimed the once thriving hamlet of Alosane and made it almost unrecognizable. Grass and trees have taken over its streets, and the only sign that shows its past as a little town are the crumbling houses which are falling apart.

The Ethiopian regime resorted to the forcible removal campaign and intensified it after The Human Rights Watch released a damning report in 2008 which showed satellite images of burned villages in Ogaden.

The Ethiopian regime is clearly carrying out in Ogaden a policy of forced removals, expulsions, and transfer of populations, which is a practice classified as “a crime against humanity” in Article 7 of  the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The international community has an obligation to the people of Ogaden, they must interfere in the Ogaden tragedy and put stop to it.

This video has been recorded on the 14th of June, 2013 by our reporters based in Ogaden. The footage depicts a side of Ogaden which the Ethiopian regime is desperately trying to conceal from the outside world.

Ogaden News Agency (ONA) will post more videos of this kind in the coming days and weeks.



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