Last week a unit of Liyuu Police officers deserted the enemy and handed themselves over to Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA).

ONLA commanders on the ground welcomed the deserters and granted their request for pardon. After that they were given the option to either join the liberation forces or be given a passage out of Ogaden. Most of them chose to join the liberation forces and are currently undergoing an extensive training and re-education programs which are specifically designed to rehabilitate the Liyu Police militias who’re psychologically brainwashed and indoctrinated in such a way as to only cause harm to their people.  

The desertion of Liyu Police militias has increased lately; the factors contributing to this phenomenon include, among others, low morale, Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome (PTDS) resulting from the extreme cruelty they’re instructed to enforce on the defenseless Ogaden civilians, and lack of salaries sometimes for months. Some of them appear to be taking advantage of a general amnesty which the ONLA command extended to those willing to desert the enemy – as one of the deserters told our reporters.

This group of deserters comprised senior and middle-ranking officers and included some officers from the Ethiopian federal troops.

Our reporters in Ogaden are currently busy compiling a report about the defected Federal troops. We will post it as soon as we get update on that.

Below is a video of ONLA’s Gorgor Unit which was recorded this morning.



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