Ethiopia talks on Nile through colonial context, but the discussions and talks shouldn’t be in colonial context. African Experts think that, it was important that, the two countries, Ethiopia and Egypt to have discussions on the current dispute “Nile water” that are open and look at how they can have solution in a new context not in the context of the colonial powers but in the context of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance.

Ogaden was never part of Ethiopia or Abyssinia kingdom. During the last quarter of the 19th century, Ogaden region was conquered by Menelik II of Abyssinia and Ethiopia solidified their occupation by treaties in 1897. Ethiopia exerted little administrative control east of Jijiga until 1934 when an Anglo-Ethiopian boundary commission attempted to demarcate the treaty boundary. This boundary is still disputed. The Italians annexed the region to Italian Somaliland in 1936 after their conquest of Ethiopia. Following their conquest ofItalian East Africa, the British sought to let the Ogaden be unified with British Somaliland and the former Italian Somaliland, to realize Greater Somalia which was supported by many Ogaden Somalis. Ethiopia unsuccessfully pleaded before the London Conference of the Allied Powers to gain the Ogaden and Eritrea in 1945, but their persistent negotiations and influence from the USA eventually persuaded the British in 1948 to abandon all of the Ogaden except for the Haud, and a corridor called the Reserved Area stretching from the Haud to French Somaliland (Djibouti). The British returned these last parts to Ethiopia in 1954.

African experts as well as Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance supporters raise questions about Ethiopia and the way they think about their right on the Ogaden. The experts belaive Ethiopia is in the wrong place in its talks with Egypt and also its claims on Ogaden and Eritrea. They raised questions on why do Ethiopians claim Ogaden even though they say they are Somali and the name of the region is “Kilil Somali”? If the Ethiopians believe the Nile agreement is from in colonial context the same is with its claims on Ogaden and Eritrea.
However, the current talks between Ethiopia and Egypt, and they way that, Ethiopian government raised the Nile water issues are positive and will contribute to the solutions on the Ogaden issue, which speeds up Ogaden as an Independent State. In this regard, AU, IGAD, British and Egypt goverments, and international community should support Ogaden issues and end Ethiopian crimes againts the local people of the Ogaden region. Hope to see positive and constructive feedback and contributions from Somali Shuftas, Amhara Neftengyouch, Tigray frogs and Eritrea rats in the ER forum

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