STOCKHOLM. A local politician (MP) from Gothenburg, of Ethiopian origin, was arrested and severely beaten at the weekend in the Ogaden during a trip to his native country with his children.

He was arrested by soldiers in the same area as the Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson, and beaten in front of his children, says his brother.

“We know that a Swedish citizen was arrested and released. The Embassy is following the case, said the Foreign Ministry’s press service Sara Brandt-Hansen.

The politician has been in Sweden for almost 30 years and is a Swedish citizen. He traveled with his nine children, all born in Sweden, to visit Ethiopia for the first time, according to his brother, who say they are from the Ogaden province.


The brother says that the Green Party politician called him and said that he was caught infront of his children by eight soldiers who assaulted him and thrown him into car and took him away. Then he has been taken to a room where the beatings continued.


“He is badly wounded and unable to move. There is no hospital there,” said his brother, who is very worried.


The Green Party politician (Miljö Party) claims that he was arrested on orders from the president and vice president of Ogaden region.

The Green Party was informed last night about what happened to their comrade, via an email from the politician’s brother.


“It feels awful. We are of course extremely concerned,” says Åse-Lill Törnqvist, Chairman of the Green Party in Gothenburg.


The Green Party has contacted with the man’s family and will follow what happens. “So we’ll see if there is anything we can do,” she says.


The Swedish Foreign Office advises against travel to the region because of insecurity.


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  1. yakume says:

    This is very good news about the crime shurkas in Ethiopia. When discussing what makes a very good lesson with other inspectors about Woyane crimes and fake development in Ethiopia as well as in Ogaden region, the usual response is “well, you know it when you see it!” or “It hits you between the eyes”.

    The Somali Diaspora has been with Woyane chewing Khat in the Woyane institutions, defending the Woyane Militias in both local and international media. They know there are ongoing crimes and genocides in this region, rleief aid food was looted by Woyane armed forces and militias, there are no water, health and education facilities for the local people. With these facts, Somali Diaspora went to Jijega reading quran and paying for Woyane criminals for their crimes in the region.

    So, now it’s very good to see Woyane Junta arresting and beating Somali Diaspora specially those who have USA, EU as well as Swedish passports because they are criminals like Woyane.


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