“We have no reason to kill but a cause to die for.” – Ahmedin Jebel

The Ethiopian government’s intelligence services have resorted to the most cruel and bizarre tactic in a desperate bid to incriminate Muslims in Dessie town who have been holding more than a year of peaceful protests, part of a nationwide protests against government interference in religious affairs.

According to reports, Sheikh Nuru has become the first victim of the government’s desperate and devilish attempt to demonize the consistently peaceful movement of the country’s Muslims demanding the full respect of constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom and government non-interference in religious affairs.

Muslims acrossEthiopiahave been peacefully protesting against the government’s bold attempt to impose a Lebanese-born sect called al-Ahbash for nearly two years now.

Sheikh Nuru, reportedly a follower of the al-Ahbash sect, has been defending the government’s infamous policy of imposing the new sect. He was often presented on the national TV speaking against the legitimate demands of the country’s Muslims and denouncing the ongoing peaceful protests.

It is a solid fact that Sheikh Nuru played a notorious role in the series of brutal attacks by security forces against Muslims of the Dessie town on many occasions. However, neither he nor any other advocate of the government-sponsored al-Ahbash sect have ever been targeted by the peaceful protestors at any time. Ethiopian Muslims have repeatedly underlined that violence is not and will never be their means to ensure the respect of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights.

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