Press Release

Stockholm 19 July, 2013

The Ogaden Community Association of Sweden (OCAS), who represents the people with Ogaden background in Sweden, strongly condemns the illegal arrest and torture of Dayib Mohamud last week in Ogaden.

Mr. Dayib, who is a part-time Green Party politician based in Gothenburg, travelled to Ogaden recently to spend his vacation there. But unfortunately instead of enjoying his holiday vacation, he was detained on orders from the President of the Somali Region of Ethiopia (Ogaden) Abdi Mohamud Omer and his Vice President, Abdillahi Yusuf Weerar, and tortured badly. Luckily Dayib Mohamud survived his ordeal after his case was publicized by the Swedish media and the Swedish Embassy in Ethiopia intervened and rescued him.

Dayib has the fortune of being Swedish citizen. Many Ogaden citizens do not have such luxury as they simply disappear with no trace after they’re abducted from their homes and tortured by the Ethiopian regime.

We at OCAS sincerely thank the Swedish government for the assistance they extended to Dayib Mohamud. We also welcome the Swedish government’s designation of Ogaden as unsafe place to travel to. We advise the diaspora Ogadens, who are dubbed by the Ethiopian regime and told to visit and invest in Ogaden, to think twice and take a lesson from what happened to Dayib Mohamud.

We request from the Swedish government and International Community to intervene and help stop the long running conflict in Ogaden through peaceful negotiations.

Finally, we ask the United Nations to send a fact-finding mission to Ogaden and to prosecute those responsible for   human rights violations in Ogaden.


Chairman: Abdullahi Mohamud

Contact Person: Amin Barkhadle

Tell Number:0735665086

 Ogaden Community Association Of Sweden (OCAS).





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