Government officials from Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) regime claim that, about 75% of international NGOs work considerate in the Ogaden region. However, this claim is far from reality. The number of the NGOs and their operations and contributions in Tigrey and Amhara regions cannot be compared with the situation in the Somali region (Ogaden). Because of the ongoing military operations, humanitarian agencies (NGOs and UN agencies) and media have no access to the Somali region (Ogaden) region. Most of the NGOs work from Addis Ababa and operate in few towns in the region. Some NGOs directors never had seen what they do or visited project sites on the ground.

Because of the government influence and involvement in the NGOs and UN operations, there are difficulties for local staff to get employment from these organizations. Hundreds of highlanders from Amhara and Tigrey have been recruited by these organizations without or with less qualifications and experiences. Employment of these staff has been done through their relatives and friends in the decision making places with these organizations. Most of the staff in the higher positions (i.e. department heads, programme managers, specialists, advisors, etc) with these organizations are highlanders with no or limited qualifications and skills, and have link with security and army forces. There is few local staff with these organizations, but in low level positions and with limited contracts. Therefore, they have no job security and cannot get better employment, payment and benefits (including staff trainings and skills development opportunities, etc) from these organizations. For instance, most of the staff with UN agencies UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR head offices),  IOM, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, CHF, Islamic Relief, Save the Children, COOPI, ADRA, ZOA, World Vision, and other organizations are from highland areas. Read More:

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