Press Release – 3 July 2011

ONLF have lost contact with two Swedish Photojournalists on their way to Ogaden from Puntland since July 1, 2011 and a pro-Ethiopian tabloid in Somali is reporting that The Ethiopian army arrested the two journalists, publishing their names and claiming that the Army killed some of their guides. ONLF also received a tip from sources inside the Puntland Administration that the Ethiopian Army was tipped by Puntland Security regarding the two journalists. The two photojournalists are Mr Johan Persson and Mr Martin Schibbye both working for ‘Kontinent photojournalist agency’. ONLF believes that these photojournalists are now in the hands of the Ethiopian government and ONLF fears for their lives and safety.

The ONLF condemns the arrest of Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye who were attempting fulfil their journalistic obligation. This act demonstrates the Ethiopian regimes complete disregard for the rights of the press and it continued determination to prevent any independent reporting from Ogaden in order to hide their on-going war crimes against the people of Ogaden. The ONLF further condemns the Puntland authorities who facilitated the arrest of these Swedish Photojournalists and passed their information to Ethiopian security agents demonstrating the Puntland continued policy of aiding the Ethiopian regime in all matters related to Ogaden, particularly as it relates to the persecution of Ogaden civilians and enforcing Ethiopia’s efforts to continue to isolate Ogaden from the outside world.

The ONLF calls on the international community to hold the Ethiopian regime and Puntland authorities to account for this despicable act and pressure them to release the reporters immediately.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)



  1. maxamuud says:

    We knew that Puntland hates Ogaden independence, but they do like our livestock. if they support the enemy or not we will reach our goal of Free and independent state of Ogaden.

  2. A/Hassan says:

    Sorry Maxamuud! You missed the whole point. The struggling people in Ogaden have more freedom, dignity, and better life than the Punt-slanderous who only thrives on the largess and leftovers of their Woyanne masters. Piracy has been their main stay for quite some time, but lately it became so-crocodile-infested business that life eventually compelled them to take their venture into the hinterland and to Ogaden. Laakin midani waa hiladii uu yaxaasku ka qaadi lahaa!!!

  3. Ahmed says:

    For the last 4 and plus years, Ogaden has been closed to the outside world and with the help of the international community, and particularly the West, dictator Meles Zenawi has been atrociously massacring innocent civilians in Ogaden with impunity!! We in the West claim to believe in democracy and human rights, yet our governments are unwittingly funding a full-blown genocide in Ogaden with our hard-earned money. Let us uphold our core values and principles and not support ruthless dictators.

    Meanwhile, I feel sorry for the two gentlemen for being deprived of fulfilling your humanitarian efforts in Ogaden. I pray for your safe return to your beloved ones and country so as to be able to enjoy your freedom and liberty once again.


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