Reports reaching Ogaden Online service desk from the Village of Dusmo, near Awaare, which is Degahbour province confirm extra judicial killings that were perpetrated by the (Ethiopian) Woyane militias and its associated militias stationed in the area on June 29m 2011.

Those reportedly killed in the murderous reign of the Ethiopian military and its associated Militia at Dusmo are reported to include 7 women, children, and the men of advancing age.

Also, Ogaden Online reporter in the area confirmed that Twenty One civilians were kidnapped from the village as confirmed by local eye witnesses.
So far our reporters in the area were able to compile an initial list of the deceased that consists of four individuals. Including mother and young girl. Their names include:

1. Bashiir Xuseen Daahir Kirix
2. Ahmed Muxumed Dahir Kirix
3. Abdi farax Gunad Sacmaal Cali kirix
4. Ardo Macalin ( Mother and Wife)
5. Shabcaan Cabdi Roore (Young Girl)

As if extra judicial killings alone were not bad enough, the Ethiopians barred anyone from burying the dead civilians.
Our reporters in and around the area are still collecting information about this massacre. We will be updating this report in our later filings

These mass murder act, although not new, appear coordinated. They also are on the increase. Locals attribute to the increased mass murder act as the ‘only’ way the Woyane (Ethiopian) militias could retaliate against the recent heavy military losses they have sustained in the hands of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) personnel.

Human rights organizations accuse the Ethiopian soldiers of violating the human rights by harassing the people in the Ogaden region



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