Shock waves went across Africa in the revelation of the existence of a criminal institution in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) that certifies qualified murderers selected among the subjugated and tyrannized Somalis of Ogaden (still under Abyssinian Occupation).

At a moment, the world’s Freemasonic and Zionist mass media spread confusion and irrelevant information about Syria, Egypt, Libya and other former provinces of the Ottoman Empire, the shocking report published in the most authoritative Ogaden portal fully demonstrates the need for an imminent UN intervention in Abyssinia (fallaciously, criminally and genocidally re-baptized as ‘Ethiopia’) in view of the subsequent international recognition of Ogaden, Oromia, Afar Land, Sidama Land, Kaffa, Kambaata, Hadiya, Shekacho, Wolayita, Gedeo, Agaw, Nuer and Anuak as independent countries – pretty much alike the republics that were formed in Europe in the aftermath of the much needed split of the Yugoslavian state.

I herewith republish the report which must probably have serious consequences in the regional politics, and more particularly in terrorized Ogaden itself.

Ethiopian Scorched-Earth Policy in Occupied Ogaden and the Liyu Police Militia




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