PoliticalArticles.Net : According to several testimonies made by a number of former Liyu Police officers, who defected recently from their regiments, no less than 709 civilians were killed extrajudicially in front of eye-witnesses in the Ogadeni provinces of Degeh-bur, Nogob, and Jigjiga in the last few years.

Some of the most atrocious massacres were committed in Dusmo, Labiga, Gosolaley, Geri’go’an, Gunagado, Abshir, Bu’lale, Dabo-jiriso, Wado-Abared, Aware, Golool-goose, Malqaqa, Bula’dari, Galaalshe, Iskudhunley, and Dara-salam.

In February 2012, two prominent figures of the village Gunagado, Abdikader Foolow, and Moalin Khader were killed in the middle of the night by Liyu policemen; their killing had been ordered by Liyu major Bashir Af-dheere. The Liyu policemen even killed people who evidently saw the extrajudicial killings in order not to leave any testimony able to accurately and completely narrate the story. Among these witnesses who were killed, there were two women. One of them pleaded in vain to be spared for the fear of God, as she was eight (8) months pregnant. To this, the criminal Liyu police officer, Major Bashir Af-dheere answered shamelessly: “We have only one god, and this is (father) Abdi. May god be glorious”!

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