If Ethiopians run in millions there is no guarantee that they will change the regime unless there is an armed support for our revolution. The question is where that army that will support our revolution will come from ?

The hope is from within. The dissatisfied Ethiopian army will stand with the Ethiopian people if the popular mass rally continues. We heard poor Ethiopian soldiers calling from Somalia to tell the corruption and the dissatisfaction of the soldiers.

The Woyane Generals are now super rich. The army sooner or later will revolt and join the mass uprising. The Ethiopian hijacked revolution of Feb. 1974 can be repeated. Many of the soldiers now were not even born but should be educated about that experience.

The corrupt generals and TPLF elites can not play the terrorism card forever. Ethiopians know very well who denied them the right to live in dignity for twenty two years. The terror Ethiopians endured is much older than Al Shabab which is only seven years old.

Ethiopians did our part today in New York City and stood with the oppositions back home. The slogan was very clear. We condemned state terrorism in Ethiopia. We demanded all political prisoners to be released immediately.

Those who came out of UN after Hailemariam Desalegne speech around 1pm heard us loud and clear.The struggle for Freedom and justice can not be stopped neither here nor back home.

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