Revisiting the Black History of Ethiopian continual Genocide in Ogaden, which shade light on the currents Ethiopian government unrelenting violations of the Human rights of the Ogaden people. Despite claiming that it is developing the Ogaden and that the people are happy and the Ogaden is peaceful, the Ethiopian government has detaining more than hundred thousand civilians in makeshift jails in military camps all over the Ogaden and is using rape as weapon to dehumanise the Ogaden people. More than 150 thousand cases of rape had been reported by the civilians so far and rape is so rampant nowadays that local people are claiming that half of the women in Ogaden had experience gang rape of some form during the last four years.

Reading Pall Mall Gazette which was written in 1897 and reading Human rights watch report in Ogaden will show how little changed in Ogaden has for more than a century. Despite all the evidence of genocide on going in the Ogaden the UN and donor countries keep ignoring the calamity in Ogaden.

The Ogaden people never received justice and are not expecting any from any quarter and despite fighting for their rights in a rational way while respecting international laws, the international community chooses to ignore their rights. The million dollar question is who will be responsible if the Ogaden youth rebel and opt for an   extremist path  in order to try to get their rights?

As for the apologist among the Ogaden people who claim that Ethiopia is giving them their rights, the Pall Mall Gazette is a clear reminder that Ethiopia is and had never acted kindly towards the Ogaden civilian population.

The current attempt by Ethiopia to rewrite the History of the Ogaden and claim that Sayid Mohamed Abdile Hassan and Wiil Wall were Ethiopians and erecting statutes for them will not change the dark and crimal History of Ethiopia against the Somali people in Ogaden.

( see the original in this link: “Pall Mall Gazette Ogaden extermination (1))” .. We reproduce the Pall Mall Gazzette below.





CAIRO, Oct.13 – Trustworthy advices from the Somali coast affirm the extension of Ras Mokonnen’s vast raid in those region, which is indeed assuming the grave aspect of a war of extermination. The Abyssinian raiders are described as having already dispersed or destroyed the great Somali tribes known as the the Amaden, the Koshen, and the Aden-Djhar, settled in the Aroussi district, and all their flocks and herds have been “lifted”.  The Somalis, being only armed with the most primitive weapons, have had no possible chance of defending themselves against the Ethiopian invaders, who have not even troubled to put forward the flimsiest pretext for their sudden eruption.

At the market town of Weddul, to the North of the Ogaden country, horrible cruelties are stated to have been perpetrated, the whole of the Somali prisoners being mutilated. The Abyssinians are being aided by large numbers of Gallas, tempted by the prospect of booty and of a wholesale retribution for past injuries inflicted on them by the Somalis. From Harar comes word that Ras Mokennon is being strongly urged to extend the aggression to the natives living within the sphere of British influence, and from his hasty English hating temperament, it is not improbable that he will allow himself to be persuaded. That, of course, will just suit the policy of the French, who have seen their Djibouti-Harar route gradually giving way to the Ziela road.

What the sublime Porte will think of this crusade against Muslims by the warriors of his good Christian friend, Menelik, may readily be defined. It is doubtful whether he will altogether appreciate the many presents which have lately been sent to Istanbul from Addis Ababa and he is now less likely than ever to be inveigled into responding to the two embassies that have lately been received at Constantinople in the hope of winning his Sultanic favour. If he does, at least it will be to warn the Galla Moslemin to change sides. The total area devastated is stated to extend from the banks of the Uebi to the source of theJuba– the north-eastern part of the future “Equatorial Provinces” of Leontief and Company.



  1. wadani says:

    We wouldn’t recognize Ethiopia’s “colonial” rule even if it bits us on the nose.

  2. Somali says:

    The Ethiopia’s ugly crimes against the people of Ogaden are indeed blights on the record of humanity and it should be addressed once and for all through separation.

    With the help of the international community, the people of Southern Sudan have regained their freedom from Sudan. Why not the people of Ogaden?


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